Outstanding Representation!

My wife & I just had the pleasure of hiring Larry to defend her in a charge brought against her by one of our neighbors this summer. Larry was exceptional in his handling of our case. We could tell from our first meeting that we were in excellent hands. He totally prepared our defense and on the day of the trial was totally composed and thorough in articulating for the judge and jury our defense, thus leading to a not guilty verdict. We can’t thank him enough for his support throughout a very trying experience. We would not hesitate to recommend his services to any of our friends or associates.

Posted by Timothy October 12, 2017

DUI Case Dismissed!

First time DUI case definitely thought that it would end up differently than it did. Searched around looking for representation and found Larry. He met with me on a Saturday when he was not even in the office to talk about my case. After just a few months went only had to go to court once and got an email that I never thought that I would receive. The case was dropped due to Larry’s hard work and attention to detail. Great to deal with, completely honest, and completely trustworthy. Thanks Larry.

Posted by Kevin August 4, 2018

Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist 

Board Certified Criminal Trial Expert, Larry Avallone, understands that each case he works involves an individual’s freedom and an outcome that could affect the rest of his or her life. This is why he works each case as if his own life were at stake. Throughout the years, this approach has earned him a positive reputation and many heartfelt reviews.

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Amazing Job

I want to thank Larry for doing an amazing job with my case. His attention to detail, constant communication and overall knowledge rendered the best possible outcome. I couldn’t have asked for more. I highly recommend him to anyone needing legal representation.

Posted by Rex M. on November 15, 2019



Larry was wonderful. He really cares for his clients and is always available when needed. I have no idea what I would have done without his representation. I highly recommend him!

Posted by Kelly G. on October 4, 2019


A Great Attorney

Larry Avallone is a great attorney. My son was facing very serious charges and long prison time Larry got those charges reduced with no prison time, let me repeat that from a possible 5 yrs to none. What more can I say, he saved us. It was the best decision of our lives that we picked Larry. If you need a criminal attorney in Volusia County you will not find anyone better, then Larry Avallone!

Posted by Joe R. October 3, 2019


Professional and accessible

At my first consultation, I knew Larry was the lawyer for me. When faced with difficult circumstances, he eased my nerves with his professionalism and non-judgmental approach. He is very personable and accessible, qualities very rare in many lawyers today. He obtained the best results for my case, and I was thrilled with the outcome! I would highly recommend Larry for any legal issue you might be having!

Posted by Cindy G. July 8, 2019


Smart, Tactical and Caring

Larry Avallone is an amazing attorney. He’s represented me in two DUI cases now. Both cases in which served minimal charges. He’s smart, tactical, has a great sense of humor too. He’s very responsive and cares about his clients. Larry has always reassured me when in doubt, a positive outcome. He’s professional and wants to see you win! I’m very grateful of his hard work. I highly recommend him to anyone needing a great DUI attorney.

Posted by Sean W. June 26, 2019


Very Knowledgeable

Very knowledgeable of the laws and goes that extra mile for you! I am very pleased with the outcome of my services he provided! I will be recommending him now and in the future!!!

Posted by Angel P. June 24, 2019


Charges Dismissed

Hired Mr. Avallone after catching a felony Marijuana charge. Mr. Avallone took great care of me and got my charges dismissed. I recommend Mr. Avallone, he is very professional and a down to earth great man.

Posted by Ben R. May 10, 2019


Outstanding job!

Larry did an outstanding job with my case. He was professional, courteous and very knowledgeable in navigating the case for the best results. He went above and beyond in every area and his help is very much appreciated. After speaking with several attorneys prior to choosing Larry, it seemed obvious to me he was the best for me and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you, Larry.

Posted by Pete B. April 12, 2019


Case Dismissed

We hired Larry for help with a traffic case and he had it dismissed BEFORE the first court date! He was easy to get a hold of and talk to. He was very helpful and knowledgeable and just 5+ STARS.

Posted by Amanda P. March 26, 2019


Fast, informative, and effective

This office helped me in more ways than I can explain. They were fast, very informative, answered my one thousand questions without hesitation. I don’t think I ever had to wait more than a day (I don’t even think a full day) to receive an email back when communicating what was going on during the process. Thanks to this office my life went from losing everything I had to resolving and getting everything dropped timely so I can slowly get everything back in order in my life. It’s been a long journey but without this office, specifically Larry, I would be absolutely miserable and nowhere near where I am today.

I highly recommend this office they are personable, kind, again timely (especially when it comes to legal stuff and your nerves are wrecked and time seems to move slow), and the office staff is as great as the attorneys. 5 stars, I’d give it more if I could! Thank you for all your hard work to all the staff in Avallone Law!

Posted by Christiana S. January 4, 2019


Knowledgeable, professional, and considerate

Mr. Avallone and the firms associates were very attentive to our needs, and provided quality assistance and advice in a timely and efficient manner. I highly recommend Mr. Avallone and this firm to anyone who may need assistance regarding their line of work. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and considerate of the personal situations of his clients.

Posted by Nikhil S. November 26, 2018


Calm and Confident

Mr. Larry Avallone took my son’s case and did an excellent job. He is a very calm, confident lawyer, very honest and understanding. I would greatly recommend Larry to anybody who is in the need of an attorney.

Posted by Greg H. November 20, 2018  


Professional and Knowledgeable

Mr. Avallone was professional, knowledgeable and set us at ease through a difficult process. We highly recommend and are very much grateful for his services!

Posted by Miguel V. October 30, 2018


Very Pleased

I have been very pleased with retaining the services of Avallone Law P.A. This has been my experience: Larry isn’t the stereotypical lawyer that people make lawyers out to be; rather, he is honest, flexible, professional, and sharp. He is upfront about potential outcomes (good, bad, or neutral). He invites client feedback and will suggest what he thinks is the best course of action based on the facts of the case and the feelings of the client (which is quite a delicate balance). He makes himself available and does not rush you through any questions or concerns. He will take any irrational fears and respectfully re-calibrate them into rational concerns. He understands both law and people. I do not regret having selected him to represent me.

Posted by Rick K. October 16, 2018


A man of his word

A professional who does what he says and tells you the truth. Truly someone you want in your corner when you need someone to fight for you. He knows the system and constantly works for you. I highly recommend Larry Avallone.

Posted by Laura S. July 23, 2018


Trial Win

Larry was patient and professional. He handled the case with the most professionalism I have ever seen. I was amazed by his excellence in opening and closing statements and everything in between! If you need a super attorney to handle a criminal case this is your Man.

Posted by Mark  June 21, 2018


With me every step of the way

Mr. Avallone was there for me every step of the way and every court appearance. I hired him for my minor child who got in trouble. Mr. Avallone fought for my child like it was his own child he was defending and we came out VICTORIOUS! I highly recommend this man. He actually cares about his clients. He answers phone calls and emails immediately. I am highly satisfied with his services and the way he handles business.

Posted by Tamara Lara  June 13, 2018


Case closed

Larry Avallone handled my case very fast and efficiently. My case was closed within 2 days of hiring him. His response time is very quick as well.  I needed legal advice late at night and he was able to give me great advise.  Prior to hiring him I was very worried about my case, but he worked his magic and I’m extremely happy I hired him! I definitely recommend him to everyone!

Posted by Chrisanna Abad  April 23 2018


Top Notch Attorney

Mr. Avallone is a top notch attorney. He gave sound advice to my husband and helped my family get through a very difficult situation. We can’t thank him enough! He’s professional, experienced, and reasonable priced. We highly recommend his services!

Posted by Eyp  April 19, 2018


Highly recommended

Larry calmly talked me through every step of the way during my court process. He made sure to collect all information, reason with the prosecutor’s office, and make this as painless as humanly possible with the best outcome imaginable. I felt more like a personal friend and less like a client. If I ever have to use a lawyer again or have any family or friends that do, Larry Avallone will be the first call I either make or recommend. Thank you Larry, from my entire family.

Posted by Brandon R. April 14, 2018


Quick, calm and prepared

Mr. Avallone (Larry) was very quick to calm my fears with his amazing knowledge of the law and effects. I would recommend him to anyone who is needing an Attorney for the first time or 20th time. Thank you Larry!!

Posted by Jeanne February 8, 2018


Masterful Attorney

Had a great experience with Mr. Avallone. He was extremely professional and handled my case masterfully resulting in a pleasant outcome. I would recommend him to anyone.

Posted by M. Luccitti January 20, 2018


Great to Work With!

Larry was great to work with. He was extremely personable, always made me feel confident about putting my trust in him, and encouraged me that ‘the fat lady hasn’t sung yet’ when I began to feel defeated. Larry was able to get an outcome that I didn’t think was actually possible, and for that I can’t be more grateful. If you’re looking for someone who has your best interest at heart, Mr. Avallone is your man. (And for as great as he was for me, he was very reasonably priced! Bonus!)

Posted by Sav Paige November 8, 2017


Highly Recommend!

I would highly recommend Larry to anyone in need of a lawyer. His rate was fair, he returned calls & emails promptly, and made me feel like we were his only clients. Larry was a pleasure to work with from our first phone call to the favorable resolution of my father’s case. Larry is honest and straightforward…he will not promise you the moon, but he will try his hardest to get it for you.

Posted by Dominique C. October 18, 2017


Fantastic defense attorney

Larry is a fantastic defense attorney. He is friendly, realistic, keeps you in the loop with every update, and answers questions promptly. Was able to achieve a very favorable outcome in my case, and his fee was quite reasonable. Other law firms give you a high pressure sales pitch or use scare tactics to rush you into signing with them. Larry doesn’t, and that’s why I retained him. If you’re seeking an attorney it can be a stressful and uncertain time, but Larry helps you feel reassured you’ve got a strong ally who will fight for the best possible result. Absolutely recommended.

Posted by Ryan W. September 5, 2017


Helped my son

We were desperate when we went to see Larry. My son had just been arrested and was very young and scared. I used to work with Larry, so I felt comfortable talking with him and knew he was ethical. He has hung in there for nine months working on my son’s issue. He worked very hard to resolve my son’s case to our satisfaction and I would highly recommend him.

Posted by JL August 31, 2017


Excellent Attorney

Mr. Avallone (Larry to most) did a fantastic job with my case. I received the absolute best outcome possible, given my situation. He found several mistakes and used them to my advantage. His massive legal knowledge and experience in the courtroom and in law enforcement showed me that I made an excellent choice for a defense attorney. Not only would I use him again (I sure hope I never have too!), but I already have recommended him to all my friends and family should they ever need a quality defense attorney to fight for them. Thanks again Larry!

Posted by John S. August 9, 2017


Great Experience

No one really wants to hire an attorney, but when you have to, it’s nice to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. I’m glad I hired Larry for my case. He was able to get a successful outcome with very little hassle and didn’t nickel-and dime me. I’ll definitely call on Larry again if I need legal services!

Posted by Joseph August 1, 2017


Very Confident in Larry`s Abilities

Larry did an excellent job representing my legal case. From the onset, he was very professional, responsive and knowledgeable and understood the situation and best approach to resolve the case. I highly recommend Larry.

Posted by Randy July 28, 2017


Criminal Defense Attorney

Upon first meeting and subsequently hiring Mr. Avallone, I felt relief that I had found the best available advocate for my criminal defense needs. Larry’s professionalism is outstanding. Combine that with his easy accessibility, and he emulates exactly how every attorney should behave.
Mr. Avallone’s prior experience as a law enforcement officer gives him a superior insight to the inner workings of our legal system that an ordinary law graduate would not likely possess.
I would recommend that anyone who needs legal representation give Mr. Avallone serious consideration. Thanks Larry!!!

Posted by Nick R. May 29, 2017



Larry Avallone was exactly what I needed. He took care of my case with diligence and kept me informed. I’m very happy with the results. Thank you so much!

Posted by Whitney May 9, 2017


Trust  Larry Avallone

Larry was amazing, supportive, always available and worked hard to get me the best result for my case. I would definitely recommend him, he is a specialist who knows his stuff, not money-minded and actually flexible about payment plans and genuinely cares for his clients. He listens, gives feedback and create action out of words.
Anybody in a dark place like I was before he called me back, have trust in Larry Avallone, HE IS the bail me out card!

Posted by Patron April 7, 2017


A true professional

Larry was personable, listened, explained, and even took the time to really get to know me and offer a little bit of personal advice when I asked for it; like a brother would. He was quick to set up an appointment, timely, quick to respond to phone calls and emails. Most importantly, he is a really nice guy that truly seems to care!! I’d call him again in a heartbeat for service in the future, but hopefully I’ll stay out of trouble and won’t need to call him. I’m confident if I run into him on the street years from now, he will remember my name and greet me warmly. Thanks, Larry!!

Posted by Kathy December 27, 2016

Defense Lawyer

I live in another state than Larry and my daughter needed a defense attorney. I called Larry for a free consultation and then set up an appointment with in the same week. Traveled to the appointment and then he went over her police report and other paperwork that he had looked up and prepared for us. I then hired him. While waiting for the court date for the charges I hired him for some other unresolved issues came up and he handled them as well , no questions. He was able to get the least sentence ever for her!! I am more than pleased with what Larry has done for me and for the way he and his staff treated us and handled every situation. 10 stars for Larry Avallone.

Anonymous review posted on November 14, 2016

Above and beyond

Mr. Avallone exceeded my expectations when we hired him. We heard that he was the best and that’s exactly what he was. If you’re in a sticky situation this is the guy to fix it to the best of his ability.

Posted by Blaze November 11, 2016

Job Well Done!

Larry did a great job for us under very challenging circumstances. He used innovative methods to present our case in the most positive light to the Judge. His patience and persistence were exemplary. Thanks, Larry, for a job well done!

Posted by Anonymous former client on October 19, 2016

Outstanding Representation!

My wife & I just had the pleasure of hiring Larry to defend her in a charge brought against her by one of our neighbors this summer. Larry was exceptional in his handling of our case. We could tell from our first meeting that we were in excellent hands. He totally prepared our defense and on the day of the trial was totally composed and thorough in articulating for the judge and jury our defense, thus leading to a not guilty verdict. We can’t thank him enough for his support throughout a very trying experience. We would not hesitate to recommend his services to any of our friends or associates.

Posted by Timothy October 12, 2016

Experienced, professional, kind, and skillful

Mr. Avallone was prompt in returning all correspondence and phone calls. I hired him based upon his experience as a law enforcement professional as well as his time working for the state prosecutor. He was able to significantly reduce my charges and my sentencing and fines were minimal as a result. I contacted him once again to have my probation terminated early. Within a day, he had contacted the judge regarding my case and had all of the necessary paperwork completed and processed. No extra charge. Mr. Avallone was honest, prompt, and courteous. My favorite aspect of working with him was that I never had to ask him regarding the status of the case, he continually kept me informed. I would highly recommend him and hire him in the future.

Posted by Mickey September 29, 2016

Larry is The Man!

I hired Larry in a Felony case against me. Within 1 month Larry had the Felony reduced to a misdemeanor. Once pretrial was set for misdemeanor charges. Larry was able to get all the Charges Dropped Larry worked out a payment plan with me and made it affordable to hire him! I recommend Larry to anyone and everyone! He is the Attorney you want on your team.

Posted by Sam September 14, 2016

An honest man who gets the job done

When I was charged with DUI, I called the Top Rated attorneys in the area and Mr. Avallone (being among them) stood out from all the rest. Within the first few moments of our conversation, I felt not only was he competent and experienced, but also a good person. Larry is easy to talk to, he has a genuine manner while making clear the options and risks involved.  He has a profound understanding of the other side as he is a former State Prosecutor and a former Deputy Sheriff who is respected by his peers.

While fighting for me, he was always reachable and informative and as it became clear that we would go to trial he was meticulous in our preparation.
Entering the courtroom was a nerve-racking experience made easier with this experienced criminal defense attorney at my side, we were confident and ready. Then, only moments before trial, he was able to negotiate a deal for a lesser charge with NO Conviction!

Not only did he save my reputation, save me the stress of going to trial, but he also informed me that he was refunding my trial fee! An honest man who gets the job done -Thank You Mr. Avallone!

Posted by Robert August 9, 2016

First Impressions Are Everything

I knew as soon as I spoke to Larry on the phone, that I was going to be in good hands. After I had the pleasure of meeting him, I knew he was my guy! He worked very hard to not only settle my case and have my charges reduced and withheld, but he was very good at keeping in contact with me throughout the entire case. Most importantly, he was able to ease the stress that my mother was experiencing because of this whole fiasco! So in other words, if you need a good, reliable, and genuinely concerned attorney, go with Larry Avallone! If anything were to happen in my future that would call for me to hire an attorney, I won’t be doing any shopping around!! I have found my guy!! Thank you again Larry for all your support and work you put in on my case. I appreciate more than any words could express!!

Posted by Veronica on July 11, 2016

Very pleased

Mr. Avallone was great! I hired him for my daughter and he was able to have everything dropped. Mr. Avallone was very easy to talk to and very easy to get a hold of anytime, and also would respond in a timely manner.

Posted by Joy June 22, 2016

I recommend!!

Larry has helped me through so much, and I’m so thankful but, now that I’ve stuck myself into another hole somehow, will be needing for his help and, expertise again. If you need someone to help you, I recommend him. Very straight forward, and kind and, gives you realistic outcomes. He doesn’t promise you what he can’t achieve. he is a very well rounded and, awesome person. He is also very professional.

Posted by Vivianne April 28, 2016

Good Lawyer

I hired Larry Avallone almost a year ago when facing the scariest year of my life, legally. I feel that Larry is a very level headed and well thought out attorney. As a young adult, I always felt supported and like I was being given the facts needed to make the best decision possible for myself. I’ve a very stubborn & strong minded female, and he was always very efficient about getting the results that I needed. His response time is excellent and the folks that work in his office are kind. I would recommend him.

Posted by Nicole April 28, 2016

Call Larry Now

A young driver in our family committed a very serious traffic violation. Larry was able to negotiate the issue down to what we consider a very fair (you might even say lenient) outcome.

Larry is a joy to work with: he is sympathetic, has a good sense of humor, and a relaxed, informal style that makes his clients very comfortable. At the same time, he makes clear the risks and consequences of their choices, and advises and counsels his clients with their best interest at heart.

Larry is a great communicator, kept us informed of all issues and deadlines related to our case, and recommended steps we could take to get ahead of the game.

Larry is aware of his own strengths and does not hesitate to recommend another attorney or resource if appropriate, which he did when we asked him about an unrelated legal matter.

With his previous career experience as a law enforcement officer and state attorney, Larry has a valuable network of counterparts on “the other side,” and is respected by members of the law enforcement community.

Don’t trust the outcome of your important legal issue to a TV personality or a stuffed shirt in a fancy office. Call an attorney that is down-to-earth and will work to get you the best possible outcome. Call Larry now.

Posted by a Robert on April 27, 2016

Very Happy

Larry Avallone handled the case with the utmost importance and it was over in 2 days. Great Job!

Posted by a client on February 29, 2016

Life saver

Larry literally saved my future from being destroyed. He kept me informed every step of the way. Was honest and realistic on possible outcomes and the details of how he went about everything. I highly recommend Larry to anyone seeking legal counsel. Get Larry Now!!!

Posted by James February 12, 2016


Great attorney who was very helpful, professional, and understanding. Larry worked with me financially and set up a convenient payment plan that worked with my budget. I would absolutely recommend Larry to anyone.

Posted by Robert on January 21, 2016

Great lawyer. Best decision I ever made.

Being arrested is probably the scariest thing you will ever go through. Larry was there with constant updates, even on the weekends. He was fast and efficient and always had my best interests in mind. I cant tell you enough how important it is to hire a private attorney. Whatever it takes to make it happen, do it. All of my charges were dropped before I even went to my arraignment. I would be looking at a very different situation if i would’ve went with the public defender. If your even in the unfortunate situation to need an attorney, I would definitely recommend Larry.

Posted by James on October 7, 2015

VOP Charge

We hired Mr. Avallone for our son who was picked up on a VOP charge. Mr. Avallone was easy to talk to on the phone, even on the weekends. He also kept us informed through emails. Our son also found him easy to talk to, informative and helpful. Our son was very pleased with Mr. Avallone and the outcome of his time in court and final sentence.

Posted by Connie on September 17, 2015

Exceeded expectations

Picked Larry from a slew of mailers that were sent to the house after my daughters unfortunate brush with the Law.
I made a great choice. Larry is personable, knows his business and gets the job done. He negotiated a deal that keeps her out of jail and keeps her record somewhat clean (cleaner). I (the infuriated dad) am pleased with the results that Larry came up with.
I hope to never need an attorney again but if I do need one, Larry is my go to!

Posted by Walter (Wally) on September 7, 2015


Larry did an amazing job he listened. To what my family had to say you can tell he really cared about the outcome and was very thorough if I had to go through this again u know who to call .

Posted by a client on August 26, 2015

Larry Avallone

Larry was referred to my by a friend after I found myself involved in a traffic violation that was later escalated to a possible misdemeanor. His knowledge and expertise in the field was instrumental in helping me to bring this unfortunate event to a resolution that was suitable for all parties involved. Beyond that, it was his personable style, work ethic, prompt follow through and response that was most helpful. He was able to provide me with sound advice and made himself available when needed. I trusted putting my defense in his hands. He has a calming demeanor and puts the client at ease knowing that he is representing you and your best interests. I would highly recommend Larry to anyone who finds themselves in a situation that requires an attorney for consult or representation.

Posted by a client on August 6, 2015


Everything with my case went super smoothly and was over before I knew it everything went really quickly and moved right along had no problems all around an excellent lawyer.

Posted by Taylor on August 4, 2015

Highly Recommend

Larry was a great lawyer for us he’s very honest & quick to respond to emails, phone calls, or texts. He does absolutely everything in his power to help you with your case. He’s very knowledgeable, we recommend him to everyone I know. Thank you for everything Larry!!!

Posted by Tiffani on July 27, 2015

Highly Recommend

Larry was an excellent attorney for me. No matter when i would call he was always there to answer or have a response within minutes. I was unable to attend court and he made sure he did everything in his power to make where i was not penalized at all. I highly recommend Larry best in NSB!

Posted by Ariel on June 25, 2015

Highly Recommend!

Larry was there for me and my family during a very stressful time in our lives. We would call day or night early or late and Larry would answer his phone immediately or call back within minutes. I would recommend Larry Avallone to all of my friends and family.

Posted by Matt on June 3, 2015

Saved by Great Attorney

My wife had serious felony charges. She spent a night in jail.

I bailed her out. She was facing 3-5 years in prison and for 3-days we thought about going with a Public Defender or hiring an attorney. We decided to hire Larry Avallone and 2-days later he had the charges dropped. If you’re dealing with the police and have charges get a good lawyer–ASAP! I strongly recommend Larry Avallone!

Posted by a client on February 10, 2015