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An honest man who gets the job done

When I was charged with DUI, I called the Top Rated attorneys in the area and Mr. Avallone (being among them) stood out from all the rest. Within the first few moments of our conversation, I felt not only was he competent and experienced, but also a good person. Larry is easy to talk to, he has a genuine manner while making clear the options and risks involved. He has a profound understanding of the other side as he is a former State Prosecutor and a former Deputy Sheriff who is respected by his peers.

While fighting for me, he was always reachable and informative and as it became clear that we would go to trial he was meticulous in our preparation.
Entering the courtroom was a nerve-racking experience made easier with this experienced criminal defense attorney at my side, we were confident and ready. Then, only moments before trial, he was able to negotiate a deal for a lesser charge with NO Conviction!

Not only did he save my reputation, save me the stress of going to trial, but he also informed me that he was refunding my trial fee! An honest man who gets the job done -Thank You Mr. Avallone!

– Robert