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A young driver in our family committed a very serious traffic violation. Larry was able to negotiate the issue down to what we consider a very fair (you might even say lenient) outcome.

Larry is a joy to work with: he is sympathetic, has a good sense of humor, and a relaxed, informal style that makes his clients very comfortable. At the same time, he makes clear the risks and consequences of their choices, and advises and counsels his clients with their best interest at heart.

Larry is a great communicator, kept us informed of all issues and deadlines related to our case, and recommended steps we could take to get ahead of the game.

Larry is aware of his own strengths and does not hesitate to recommend another attorney or resource if appropriate, which he did when we asked him about an unrelated legal matter.

With his previous career experience as a law enforcement officer and state attorney, Larry has a valuable network of counterparts on β€œthe other side,” and is respected by members of the law enforcement community.

Don't trust the outcome of your important legal issue to a TV personality or a stuffed shirt in a fancy office. Call an attorney that is down-to-earth and will work to get you the best possible outcome. Call Larry now.

– Robert