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Moving to Florida?

Posted by Larry Avallone | Jan 18, 2016 | 0 Comments

The sunshine state welcomes thousands of new residents every year. According to the State of Florida it is about 1,000 per day! Many people relocate for the weather, many for the big tax advantages, such as no state employment tax. So how do you become a state resident and get to take advantage of all the great things Florida has to offer?  Owning property in Florida is a good start, but you must live in it more than half the year. Six months and one day to be exact. You can spread out that time as you wish, it does not have to be all at once.

Take these steps to establish residency in the state of Florida: 

  • Purchase property in Florida, and file for your homestead exemption.
  • If you are renting, sign a lease longer than 6 months.
  • Obtain your Florida voters registration card.
  • Register your car in Florida and obtain a Florida driver's license.
  • Change your mailing and permanent address to your Florida address on all your bank accounts.
  • Open a bank in account in Florida.
  • If you still own property in another state, have the tax bill for that property sent to your Florida address.
  • Become a member of Florida religious, civic and other organizations that you are active in.
  • If you have estate planning documents, consult with a Florida attorney to have them modified to Florida law.
  • Alert all the agencies and businesses that require your address, such as Social Security, credit card companies, insurance companies etc., of your new Florida address and have all correspondence sent to that address.
  • Establish yourself as a patient with doctors and dentists in Florida, have your medical records transferred.

Now you can sit back and enjoy the weather and the advantages of being a permanent resident of Florida. Need help? Contact Larry Avallone today at 386-682-9235

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Larry Avallone

Larry Avallone is a Volusia County Florida based Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney. He has been a Deputy Sheriff and a State Prosecutor and he exclusively practices criminal defense law.


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