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Possession of Burglary Tools

Possession of Burglary Tools in Florida

Florida Statute §810.06, states that a person may be charged with possession of burglary tools if they are found in possession of instruments or tools that were meant to be utilized for gaining entry or access to a building for committing a burglary.

Applicable Penalties

This offense is considered to be a Felony of the Third Degree within the state of Florida. The court may impose any of these following penalties in any combination:

Fine not exceeding $5000

Probation period not exceeding 5 years

Imprisonment sentence not exceeding 5 years 

Applicable Specific Defenses

Other Intended Uses:

This definition doesn't include any tools that were intended to be utilized to commit a wrongful deed inside the burglarized conveyance or building, like a screwdriver that was meant to be used for removing a TV.

This means that in case you were found breaking into a vehicle for stealing it and discovered to possess a screwdriver, in order for you to be convicted under this charge, the prosecution must also prove that you were intending to use or used this screwdriver for entering the vehicle. If your intention was to utilize this screwdriver for another purpose, say hot-wiring the ignition, you cannot be charged under this crime. 

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