What is car & truck accident law?

Car and truck accident law addresses the legalities determining the party responsible for personal and property damage resulting from a traffic collision. Victims must prove duty, causation, breach and harm. Truck accident law covers personal injuries sustained by passenger vehicle occupants due to a collision with a commercial freight truck.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida Car & Truck Accident Attorney

After a car accident, victims often have difficulty receiving the compensation that they need and deserve through insurance claims. If you are considering legal action because of injuries sustained in a car accident, then you will need a car accident lawyer in Daytona Beach that can help you. While there have been some changes in the laws recently, attorney Larry Avallone has the knowledge and experience to handle any and all auto accident claims.

Auto Accidents in Daytona Beach

Anyone suffering from an auto accident in Florida must meet the injury threshold in order to pursue further compensation. Some of those injuries include permanent scarring, disfigurement, fractures, and head injuries. If your lawyer does not prove that you meet that threshold, then you will not be able to file a lawsuit.

What to Do After an Accident in New Smyrna Beach

After a car accident, it is important to have a thorough physical exam as soon as possible. This will not only help you if you are seriously hurt, but it can help your case as well. (Do not discuss the accident with anyone other than your lawyer and doctor, because anything you say may be used against you in court.) After a thorough investigation of the accident, your attorney will make your claim and complaint, in which he will explain how the other party is at fault, detail your injury, and state the compensation you need.

Attorneys often try to reach a settlement outside of a courtroom, however if a settlement is not reached, it may eventually get pushed through and tried in front of a judge or jury. In the meantime, you may be eligible for personal injury protection insurance benefits, but insurance companies often try to avoid paying. That is also why you need a practiced attorney who can help you get the maximum amount of benefits available.

Truck Accident Attorney in New Smyrna Beach

Florida is a hub for many different trucking companies, and all of our interstates (such as I-95, and I-4) are filled with tractor trailers, 18 wheelers, semi-trucks, and other commercial vehicles. These trucks are dangerous and are much more difficult to maneuver, especially on busy roads. These trucks put people at more risk for injury.

There are strict local and state regulations for trucking companies. Anyone — from the manufacturer to the driver — who fails to uphold these regulations are liable for any damages.

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