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New Smyrna Beach, Florida Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney

When looking for an attorney, you will want to be sure to hire one that is board certified in the area in which you need assistance. Board Certification means that the attorney is recognized as an expert in their field. Larry Avallone is a Florida Bar Board Certified Expert in Criminal Trial Law.

Why do I need to hire a Board Certified Attorney?

When your liberty and reputation is at stake, you should insist on having and Expert handle your case. The Florida Bar Board Certification process allows the public to know which attorneys have passed the strictest standards.

Board certification is just one way to narrow your search. After determining whether the attorneys you have selected are certified, you can look at their individual qualifications and record to make the best possible decision for you.

What does it mean to be Board Certified?

Only lawyers who have proficiency, skills, and knowledge in specific areas can become Board Certified. They must also be in good standing with the Florida Bar, meet all of the standards set forth by the Supreme Court of Florida, and demonstrate high standards of professionalism and ethics. The minimum requirements to be board certified in criminal law include:

  • Work full time for at least 5 years
  • Handle 25 criminal trials, at least 20 have to be jury trials tried to verdict, 15 have to involve a felony
  • Have intense involvement in the field
  • Pass peer reviews with a “satisfactory” in specialty, professionalism, and ethics
  • Demonstrate 30% or more of practice was devoted to criminal law
  • Pass a peer review that includes reports from judges and attorneys
  • Study 45 additional hours of legal education
  • Pass written examination in skills, knowledge, and criminal trial law proficiency

How do I know if a lawyer is Board Certified?

Your lawyer will probably identify themselves on their website or business card as Board Certified in a few ways, including; “Board Certified,” “Specialist,” “Expert,” or simply “B.C.S.”. There are 25 different areas of law that a Florida attorney can be Board Certified in. Board certification expires after 5 years, and re-certification requirements include continued practice of the area of law, completing continuing education courses, and keeping up with all requirements.

Larry Avallone is proud to be recognized as an expert in criminal trial law. This distinction, along with his experience as a former law enforcement officer and as a former state prosecutor, makes him the top choice among Volusia County criminal defense attorneys. Contact Avallone Law P.A. today to let us put our expertise to work in your criminal case.