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Failure to Redeliver Hired Vehicle in Florida

As per Florida Statute §817.52(3), if a person intentionally abandons or does not return or redeliver a rented or a leased vehicle and thus violates the rental or lease agreement, this act will be considered as crime termed as failure to redeliver hired vehicle. 

Penalties for Failure to Redeliver Hired Vehicle

In Florida, this crime is considered a felony of the third degree, and as per the Criminal punishment code of Florida, extortion is an offense of level 1. Any person found guilty of such charges may be handed any of the following legal punishments:

Imprisonment that may extend to 5 years
Probation that may extend to 5 years.
A fine of $5,000 

Defenses to Failure to Redeliver Hired Vehicle

Corporate Agent

If a person is representing a corporation or working as an agent of a corporation and he/she leased on behalf of the corporation. A person is not liable to redeliver the vehicle in such circumstances as the corporation will be solely responsible for fulfilling the contract or redelivering the hired vehicle. 

Intent to Defraud

A prosecutor is obligated to prove that there were fraudulent reasons behind the failure to redeliver hired vehicle and the accused intended to avoid or escape financial obligations related to the rental agreement. 

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