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Escape in Florida

Florida Statute §944.40, states that a prisoner can be charged with Escape if they attempt an escape or escape from legal confinement or if they attempt an escape or escape while being transported from or to a location where they are to be legally confined.

Applicable Penalties 

In the state of Florida, an Escape charge is a felony of the Second Degree. The court may impose any of these following penalties in any combination: 

Fine not exceeding $10000

Probation period not exceeding 15 years

Imprisonment period not exceeding 15 years 

Applicable Specific Defenses 

Invalid Arrest

For a prisoner to be charged with escape, a legal arrest must first have been made. However, a person who has only been detained over the course of an investigation is not considered to have been arrested, even if they're in handcuffs.

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