Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

What are the Time Limits for Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Florida? Have you been involved in an accident? Maybe it was not serious and you thought at the time that your injuries were very minor and you would heal quickly. Perhaps your car has a mechanical problem as a result of the accident [...]

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Should You Video That?

Video and the Law Videotaping or wiretapping laws vary from state to state. The rules in Florida are fairly broad, however there are some nuances to be aware of. You can film law enforcement officers, but knowing what is permitted by law will make all the difference and help you avoid civil and criminal prosecution. [...]

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Moving to Florida?

The sunshine state welcomes thousands of new residents every year. According to the State of Florida it is about 1,000 per day! Many people relocate for the weather, many for the big tax advantages, such as no state employment tax. So how do you become a state resident and get to take advantage of all the great [...]

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