Accident and Injury

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Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

What are the Time Limits for Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Florida? Have you been involved in an accident? Maybe it was not serious and you thought at the time that your injuries were very minor and you would heal quickly. Perhaps your car has a mechanical problem as a result of the accident [...]

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Medical Negligence Lawyer in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

What is medical negligence law? Medical negligence law deals with medical professionals who fail to perform their jobs under an accepted medical standard of care.This can result in medical malpractice if their negligent treatment causes the patient to become injured or to suffer unexpected complications. You may think you have a case for medical malpractice [...]

Understand Your Car Insurance

Did you know you may be self-insured? How do you know if you are self insured? You may think you have full coverage. Florida law requires mandatory coverage consisting of personal injury protection (PIP) also known as no fault, and property damage liability. If you only purchase the mandatory coverage you are actually self insured for liability.  [...]

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Reporting an Accident

Have you been injured in an accident? The first thing you should do is seek medical treatment, then report the accident to your insurance provider or the insurer of the responsible party, whether it be a person or a business. An insurance claim will allow you to be compensated for your injuries, lost wages & [...]

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Are Your Children Safe?

Accidents are the leading cause of death in children. According to statistics compiled by the U.S. Centers For Disease Control (CDC), in 2013 more than 127,000 kids under 12 were injured in car accidents in the United States. 638 children ages 12 and under were killed as a result of motor vehicle accidents. Of the children [...]

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