Jul30, 2019

Drone Laws (fly aware)

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Drone Laws (fly aware) I recently handled a case that involved a person being charged with two felony crimes related to flying a drone. There is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes [...]

Jun30, 2019

Is marijuana legal in Florida?

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I am often asked this question. It seems that people are confused about the state of the law in Florida as it relates to marijuana. Spoiler alert, possession of marijuana for recreational use (without a [...]

May30, 2019

When are the Miranda warnings required?

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When are the Miranda warnings required? If you have ever watched a police television show, then you are familiar with Miranda warnings. Even though Miranda warnings have been around for more than 50 years, people are still confused about [...]

Apr28, 2019

Minute 1/Day 1

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Minute 1/Day 1 That is when your defense begins. From time to time I speak with potential clients who tell me they will wait until after the arraignment to hire a lawyer. I understand this [...]

Apr18, 2019

Answers, not a salespitch

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When the unexpected happens; you need answers, not a sales pitch. The attorney you are considering should be answering your questions, not trying to sell you anything. From the first phone call, our goal [...]

Jun20, 2018

Not Guilty Verdict

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Today the jury got it right and our client walked out of court free of these charges. Not only was his liberty at stake, so was his reputation and his small business. When you are [...]

Feb26, 2018

Available to help 24/7

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Getting a favorable result in a DUI case actually starts long before you are stopped by the police. It is important to keep a clean car that is easy to assess, and to keep your [...]