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Gun Rights are a hot topic these days, and in Daytona Beach, there are specific rules and laws about how individuals can carry specific weapons. Florida is like many other states in the country when it comes to carrying laws, where it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon without a valid permit. If you are found with a gun on you and don’t have a permit, you could get arrested.

Larry Avallone is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney and worked for many years a deputy sheriff. He has handled numerous cases that pertain to your rights to buy, own, and carry a concealed weapon.

It is important to know that just because you can buy a gun, that doesn’t mean you automatically have the right to carry that gun. There are steps and legal actions that must be taken to ensure your right to carry a concealed weapon. There are many responsibilities that come with being a firearm owner, and the legal system is very serious about following the rules.

Where Can I Have A Handgun?

In Florida, it is generally illegal to openly carry a weapon. However, a person may openly carry, for legal self-defense purposes, a self-defense chemical spray, non-lethal stun gun, dart-firing stun gun or other non-lethal electric weapon designed for defensive purposes only. Even if a person does not possess a conceal weapon license, there are some places a person may possess a firearm. These places include:

  • A private motor vehicle if the firearm is securely encased.
  • A public mode of travel if the firearm is securely encased and not in an individual’s manual possession.
  • A person’s residence or place of business.
  • A person engaged in fishing, camping, or hunting, including going to or returning from fishing, camping, or hunting.

Guns and Children In The Home

All too often we hear devastating stories about guns that get into the wrong hands, and it is especially devastating when those hands belong to kids. If you are storing a loaded weapon in your home, it must be in a locked container or secured with a trigger lock if there are kids in the home under the age of 16 who could gain access to the firearm.

Because the Florida firearms laws are complex, do not hesitate to protect yourself by calling and experienced gun owner, and Board Certified Attorney Larry Avallone today.