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Attorney Larry Avallone

Proven Criminal Defense Lawyer near Daytona Beach

Larry Avallone is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney who is a recognized expert Criminal Defense Attorney. He is a former State Prosecutor and a former Volusia County Deputy Sheriff who knows how the local court system works from the inside.

“My experience as an Expert Criminal Trial Attorney, a former Deputy Sheriff and Former Assistant State Attorney in Volusia County is a great advantage to my clients”

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Attorney Avallone is highly regarded for his diligence, knowledge, intelligence, and commitment to the rights of the accused.  Avallone Law P.A. is located in downtown New Smyrna Beach, Florida, serving clients in Volusia County and the surrounding areas, including Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Edgewater, Deland and Deltona. If you have recently been arrested for a DUI, drug charge, theft or other criminal offense, call 386-682-9235 to schedule a free consultation.

Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Being charged with a crime can turn your world upside down. Once you are charged, it’s important to contact an attorney right away. Doing so ensures your rights are protected from the get-go and a defense strategy is put in motion. If you are facing criminal charges in the New Smyrna Beach, Florida region, Avallone Law P.A. can help!

We love helping our New Smyrna Beach clients to navigate the criminal justice system. Larry Avallone is recognized as the best criminal defense attorney in New Smyrna Beach and represents clients in zip codes such as 32168, 32169, and 32170. Avallone has years of experience defending clients who face charges ranging from traffic offenses to sex offenses.

Larry Avallone worked as a Volusia County Deputy Sherriff for 10 years, so he knows how law enforcement officers think. He was also a former Assistant State Attorney for 8 years, so has extensive trial experience. His knowledge and experience in the system has qualified him in all aspects of defense law. He knows how prosecutors will try to build a case against you because he knows how they think.

If you’re facing criminal charges, you owe it to yourself to hire a dependable and experienced attorney who will fight for your rights and offer you the best legal advice available. Your future depends on it. Contact us today at(386) 682-9235.