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Attorney Larry Avallone

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In addition to being an Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney, Larry Avallone is a former Volusia County Deputy Sheriff and a former prosecutor with the Office of the State Attorney for the 7th Circuit.

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Proven Criminal Defense Lawyer near Daytona Beach

Larry Avallone is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney who is a recognized expert Criminal Defense Attorney. He is a former State Prosecutor and a former Volusia County Deputy Sheriff who knows how the local court system works from the inside.

My experience as an Expert Criminal Trial Attorney, a former Deputy Sheriff and Former Assistant State Attorney in Volusia County is a great advantage to my clients.

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Attorney Avallone is highly regarded for his diligence, knowledge, intelligence, and commitment to the rights of the accused.  Avallone Law P.A. is located in downtown New Smyrna Beach, Florida, serving clients in Volusia County and the surrounding areas, including Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Edgewater, Deland and Deltona. If you have recently been arrested for a DUI, drug charge, theft or other criminal offense, call 386-682-9235 to schedule a free consultation.

He has successfully worked in Daytona Beach to defend against serious charges such as:

  • Federal Crimes

  • Violent Crimes (gang crimes, armed robbery, homicide)

  • DUI (felony, and misdemeanor, repeated offenses, implied consent)

  • Department of Motor Vehicle cases

  • Traffic Crimes (driving without a license, reckless driving, vehicular homicide)

  • Probation/Parole Violations

  • Drug Crimes (possession, distribution, growing, trafficking)

  • Sex Offenses (assault, rape, solicitation, possession of pornography)

  • Domestic Violence (spousal, familial, elder)

  • Juvenile Defense (student crimes, misdemeanors)

  • Fraud (credit card, forgery, identity theft)

  • White Collar Crime (money laundering, bank fraud, embezzlement)